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Crows Often Have Sexual Intercourse Along With Their Dead

Crows Often Have Sexual Intercourse Along With Their Dead

It may get aggressive.

Swift, whom studies bird behavior during the University of Washington, had formerly shown that crows conduct “funerals” by collecting across the corpses of these peers. Now a movie team had come to re capture this behavior.

Another crow alighted on a nearby branch and gazed at the cadaver beneath it as if on cue. As opposed to cawing from afar, it flew down and approached the human body. Swift wasn’t expecting that, and she undoubtedly wasn’t anticipating the crow to then droop its wings, erect its end, and strut in how crows just do when they’re planning to mate. And as expected, the living bird mounted the dead one.

Crows, like the majority of wild birds, don’t have any penises. Rather than penetrative intercourse, they merely bring ports beneath their tails into contact. To achieve this, a male requirements to swivel their end beneath a female’s, but considering that the crow that is dead lying belly straight straight down, which was impossible.

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